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empower people to change their lives and the world for better?

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Oct 2019


Eduardo Muniz is a designer who helps entrepreneurs build their personal brand to strengthen their online authority and cause the impact they pursuit.

Muniz&Co's stationery designs

Exercising the empathy muscle

An overview of the market and where it's heading towards is a fundamental step at the beginning of research. Then, benchmark brings some clarity about what is missing in this field and how I could differentiate myself from the competition.

To complete the research phase, an understanding of the minimum viable audience served as a compass to guide every decision made during the architecture of the brand.

Venn diagram: Me on the left, my audience on the right, decision filter in the middle.

It's all about people

My work is about them, made with them and for them. This relation of my personal brand to life itself inspired its name to be alive.

Example of the brand's name extendibility

Me, late night working on this project

A visual system based on human behavior

The logo was built on layers to mirror the idea of our ​​human multifaceted nature, with bold typography to communicate things with impact. The human touch is achieved through the using of my bad hand-letter, which brings some imperfection to the visuals.

Some days we need to use a suit, in others a shirt is enough. Our wardrobe has different pieces of clothes so we can combine them to fit our humor on a particular day. That's fluid, organic, and it served me as a pilar to develop the visual guidelines of my brand in a way I could use it in different contexts; online and offline.

Stylescape and stationery designs of the brand
Muniz&Co posters

Starting with why

For the website, the goal was to communicate my purpose using storytelling. I didn’t start right away with the value proposition; instead, I tried to inspire the user with some big questions.

This way I made it clear that, yes, I believe people can change the world for the better and the internet is one of their strongest allies.

Website homepage animation

Empathy is key

Putting myself on my persona's shoes made me understand that they don't fully understand the meaning of words like “Personal Branding” and “Identity Design”. So I used big headlines on the homepage to translate each of these service's goals, and an individual page to explore each of them in depth.

For the about page I tried not to talk too much about me. I believe what I post on social media says a lot more about who I am than a single page on my website. That's why I have links on the page redirecting the user to my LinkedIn, Instagram, Unsplash, Medium and Behance profiles.

Muniz&Co's website mockups
Muniz&Co's website mockups