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Inspire people to live and consume more consciously?

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Jan 2020


Vero Motti is a brand strategist that helps businesses rethink their approach to sustainability, so they can cultivate a more transparent and real relationship with customers.

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Helping businesses rethink their approach to sustainability

From an early age, Vero learned how being a vegetarian could have a positive impact on the environment. It became natural to her to inspire people to live and consume more consciously, so she decided to niche down her work as a copywriter and strategist to only help business with environmentalists concerns.

In between the classic and modern

The identity captures the organic and elegant essence of Vero’s personal brand. The refined typographic logo is set in Bodoni*, and a vibrant lime green brings energy to the earthy colors of the palette. A questioner and confident tone of voice informs the audience about environmental issues and aims to foment discussions about it.

Only the necessary

The minimalist, organic look of the brand extends to the website design. One of the visual guidelines was to use as little white color as possible so the variety of the identity palette could be explored.

Small paragraphs are used to make every text on the website friendly, inviting the person on the other side of the screen to really absorb the information.

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