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Increase brand equity while standing out in your niche

Symptom 1
Your visuals lack consistency.
Everytime new materials are created, different fonts, colors or layouts emerge.
Symptom 2
Your current brand identity doesn't reflect your personality.
It differs from who you are in real life, which ends up giving potential clients a distorted perception of your personality and values.
Symptom 3
There's nothing remarkable about your brand identity.
It looks similar to any other person's identity inside your niche, which decreases brand equity.

Time to stand out from competitors with a remarkable brand identity that reflects who you are.

Brand Identity
Brand Identity
You, or your team, waste too much time when creating new visuals for social media posts, ads or any other marketing materials.
Clear and simple guidelines make it easier to keep consistent while being creative.
Your brand identity feels outdated, is losing its relevance or doesn't serve its purpose.
It becomes an online reflection of who you are in real life.
You have difficulty sharing your brand files.
Every file you need can be found and easily shared alongside with brand guidelines.
paper containing brand concise guidelines

• Consultants

• Coaches

• Online teachers

• Creators

• Artists

This is for online entrepreneurs who need to use visuals to differentiate themselves.

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How it works?

Email Contact

Fill the form at the bottom of this page and tell me more about what you have in mind.

Discovery Call

We discuss the project and get an overview of your business in a 45min call.

Proposal / Contract

I send you a proposal and once you agree with it, I send you a contract.


If you haven't been through the strategy phase, we agree on your goals and expectations before creating anything.


Before designing anything, I create refined moodboars that synthesize the brand's visual language (colors, typography, logo, layout...) and give you a good taste of how the brand will look and feel.

Logo / Brand collateral

I design the logo and other materials that will be displayed on different brand touchpoints. These can go from business cards to presentation templates.

Brand guidelines

I deliver to you a platform where you'll find clear and simple guidelines on how to keep consistency while exploring new concepts and ideas.
stylescapes displayeds on a macbook
What's included?

• Extensive research

• Stylescapes

• Logo

• Brand collaterall

• Revisions

• Brand guide

Full Brand Identity

$1999 ~ $5999
ideal for

• Developing a visual language to use on marketing materials, such as social media content.

• Those who need a logo and brand collateral, such as business cards and email signatures.

• Attaining consistency and increasing brand equity.


$899 ~ $1299
ideal for

• Quickly developing a visual language to use on social media content.

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Why me?

There are a bunch of tools that allow you to create a logo and there are millions of designers around the world. However, are these the best options to solve your problem? Plus, how will you know what works best for your business and what truly resonates with those who matter: your potential clients?

I'm specialized in creating brand identities for individuals, not organizations.
I understand that a personal brand identity needs to be dynamic and fluid to adapt across different channels - and new ones that emerge.
My process is ridiculously collaborative and you'll be in a safe environment to give constructive feedback.