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Build a profitable business around your expertise

Symptom 1
You're not making as much money as you could.
People are not willing to invest much in what you offer because they don't recognize you as an authority or somebody who could truly solve their problem.
Symptom 2
You're not showing people why choosing you instead of alternatives.
Because you lack positioning, they don't clearly understand the value of working with you (or buying from you).
Symptom 3
You're not working with great-fit clients.
The people who look for you are often misaligned with your values or don't necessarily need the solutions you're offering.

Start making more money by growing your authority inside your niche.

Personal Branding
Personal Branding
You spend time prospecting clients, negotiations take too much time and you're often asked for discounts.
People understand why you're the best to solve their problem, sales cycles are shorter and you're charging more money for services (or info products).
Your message is not consistent and each brand touchpoint says something different.
You're earning people's trust by being consistent with your message.
You don't know where you should be spending time, money and energy to grow your business.
You have the clarity you need to achieve your business goals.

• Consultants

• Coaches

• Online teachers

• Creators

• Lawyers

• Artists

This is for online entrepreneurs who want to build a profitable business around their expertise.

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How it works?

Email Contact

Fill the form at the bottom of this page and tell me more about what you have in mind.

Discovery Call

We discuss the project and get an overview of your business in a 45min call.

Proposal / Contract

I send you a proposal and once you agree with it, I send you a contract.

Brand Sessions

You schedule the 90min sessions according to your availability. We talk about your story, personality, purpose, niche and business. We also uncover who is your dream client, the problems s/he faces and her/his needs, so we shape the brand messaging around it.


I research your competitors and alternatives to understand how to position yourself correctly inside your niche. Our goal is to make you stand out.

Brand Platform

All things we've talked about so far will be synthesized and I'll deliver it to you on a brand platform. You'll find everything related to your brand in one place.


We'll prioritize goals and I'll give you a roadmap with actionable steps to strengthen and manage your personal brand.
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What's included?

• 6~8 brand sessions

• Process documentation

• Purpose synthesis

• Storytelling framework

• Ideal client persona

• Brand persona

• Messaging framework

• Competitive analysis

• Positioning

• Content framework

• The brand platform

• The roadmap

Personal Brand Strategy

$999 (for limited time)
ideal for

• Having guidance while developing your personal brand.

• Making sure you're creating solid foundations for your authority business.

• Those who don't have time to learn the process or invest in research and strategic thinking.


ideal for

• Having guidance while developing your personal brand.

• Asking questions related to specific areas where you're stuck at.

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Why me?

I'll be honest here: if you have the time and know where to search you'll find great information. There are videos teaching the process and great books expanding on this topic. But sooner or later you'll also find out that the theory will only get you so far. Here are 3 reasons to work with me:

I'm specialized in branding for individuals, not organizations. I understand the specifics of this niche.
Unlike my competitors, I have a designer mindset: for me, things need to be practical, effective and iterative.
I get that things might change for you in the future, so this whole process sets the foundation you need to keep iterating as you grow.